Saddle Bags
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Vaccine Cantle Pockets-These are made to hold 250 cc bottle of Nu Flor, syringe or paint stick and two 100 cc bottles with bottom draw. 1 extra pocket can still be added, if desired.

Model: Extra Small

Our extra small saddle bags are just as durable as our bigger bags just smaller in size. These bags are also made of quality chap leather and are the perfect size for a 500 cc bottle of vaccine or sandwich & pair of pliers!

Model: Vaccine Bag

Vaccine bags come standard with two 250cc bottle holders and one syringe holder on the side.  The bottles hand upside down for easy drawing of product.  The off side is a bag measuring approximately 9"x7"x4".  These bags can be custom ordered also to accommodate different sized vaccine bottles.  These bags are made of latigo leather and hold up to the elements very well.

Model: Cantel Bag

4" Gusset, approximately 20" wide x 11" deep w/ zipper closure. Just enough room for a few fencing tools or sack lunch and a jug or two of water.

Model: Small Saddle Bag

The small bags, made from latigo, measure approximately 9"x7"x4".  Just big enough to pack what you need and still be light enough for  everyday use.

Model: Large Saddle Bag

Our large saddle bags are made of quality chap leather and can hold everything but the kitchen sink!  They feature reinforced stress points and double straps on the flaps.  They measure approximately 10" wide x 11" deep w/ 4" gusset